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Infrastructure Implementation


IT Installation / Network Infrastructure Design and Management

As a dedicated IT contractor, Calisto Corporation can provide the dependable network infrastructure that forms the backbone of any successful modern business. Our seasoned team of professionals can get your network up and running in a timely manner, and provide comprehensive network solutions that meet the individualized needs of your business.

Enterprise Class WiFi Networks

For mobile-friendly, flexible, and efficient network access that provides the security your organization needs, an enterprise-class WiFi infrastructure can provide a smart solution.


Our team is ready to assist you during every phase of WiFi network infrastructure design, installation, and testing to help you get the most out of your wireless network.

Remote Access Solutions and Mobile Devices

If you have employees that are constantly on the go, a remote access solution can boost productivity and ensure efficient collaboration. We will use our highly capable managed IT services, employing a remote access solution that will allow users to connect to your organization’s resources while keeping your critical company assets secure.

Business Continuity and IT Data Protection

Even with industry standard protections, disaster can sometimes strike from malware, ransomware schemes, or technical failure. We go above and beyond to provide your business with a superior level of multi-level data protection and high-quality backup strategies to ensure business continuity in the event of unexpected calamity.

Converged IP Networks

A converged IP network allows you to reduce costs and improve efficiency. We work closely with you to design and implement a converged IP network that covers your current needs and leaves runway for future growth.

LAN/WAN Design and Engineering

Calisto Corporation can provide you with expert LAN/WAN infrastructure design, network installation, and cabling services that allow your network to thrive. Whether you’re setting up a new infrastructure or re-engineering an existing one, we’ve got you covered.


Windows Server and Active Directory

The right network infrastructure design and support services can help your small- or medium-size business focus on sales, growth, and new opportunities.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, We specialize in the selection, implementation, and support of:

  • Windows Server, Active Directory

  • Exchange Server

  • SQL Server

  • SharePoint Server

  • Lync Server

  • Dynamics CRM and AX

  • Windows Desktop Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Office

Cloud Solutions and Virtualization

Our team is experienced in recommending, configuring, and installing any type of cloud-based hosted solutions. These include software like Microsoft Servers, Office365, Azure, private cloud, virtualization, spam filters, firewalls, CRM, or a wide range of specialized programs. We’ll ensure that the right solutions and configurations are chosen to meet your goals, stimulate productivity, and maintain the best possible ROI. 

Additional Services

  • Training & Support

  • Staffing Solutions

Hotline Consultant

Training & Support

We partner with professional training centers to ensure our employees are all proficient with current tools and technologies.


We also support our clients with short term extra resources to meet their deadlines on critical projects.

Staffing Solutions

Calisto takes a 360-degree approach to recruit the right candidates for our clients. Below are a few differentiating factors which make us stand apart from similar consultants and place us at an advantage to close the manpower requirements within the turnaround time you set:

• Mandate to Stay Lean:  We understand that your core business requires a smart and lean use of hiring resources. To ensure that you are focused, flexible, and financially sound, we provide world class end to end HR business partnering for you.

• Determination to Find the Best Fit:   We manage a large talent pool database of employees from across all sectors and have a strong relationship with other train and hire organizations. This gives us an edge in providing the right fit for a role, at the right cost, at a very low turnaround time. 

• Business Fluctuations Aren’t Forgotten: We know that your manpower needs ebb and flow over time, and you may have different hiring needs in one year or three. Our team keeps a close eye on your needs and responds quickly to any fluctuations.

• Improved Retention:   From an organizational perspective, frontline employees are the most critical part of a business. Our hiring practices and support systems encourage employees to stay with you, improving retention and preventing knowledge from draining out of your organization.

• Enhanced Worker Skills: You want your workforce to be equipped with better technology skills and domain knowledge, but demanding timelines restrict you from assigning full time mentors to train them. With our customized training programs you can ‘outsource’ the training and improve productivity without pulling the focus of managers and supervisors.

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Working Together on Project
Computer Office Work

We Partner You

Convergence of fixed expenses to variable    

We are committed towards providing you all the required support that will enable you to grow your business without increasing any fixed liability by providing end to end fixed staffing solutions. 


Mandate to stay lean  

We understand that your core business priorities are paramount and to ensure that you are focused, we provide world class end to end HR business partnering to you.


Getting best fit hire   

We manage a large talent pool database of employees from across the sectors and our association with employment sector and other train and hire organizations gives us an edge in providing right fit manpower at low cost at a very low turnaround time. 


Managing business fluctuations  

We understand the need of extra manpower associated with different short-term activities and to ensure that your activities run smooth we ensure a dedicated bandwidth for the same.


Retaining the best

From an organizational perspective, we believe that frontline employees are the ones who impact the bottom-line of business, hence they need dedicated focus to be retained and groomed for future jobs.


Enhanced Productivity

You want your regular workforce to be equipped with the technology skills/domain knowledge but your projects and demanding time lines restrict you from assigning full time mentors to equip them to be productive sooner. With our customised Training programs you can ‘outsource’ your woes!

Madate to stay lean

We understand that your core business priorities are paramount and to ensure that you are focused we provide world class end to end HR business partnering to you.

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